Top5 sustainability Library

Library: “Top Five” Energy Efficiency Strategies by Building Type

28 Dec 2015 by

“Library” spaces have a similar energy use profile as offices, but with some critical differences. Spaces in this group include large open areas of widely varying character, from traditional book storage stacks, to new collaborative learning environments, to spaces for computing and audiovisual interaction. The majority of library spaces are designed around human comfort, supporting […]

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Bunny Suit Cleanroom Blog MEMS

Cleanroom Showcase: MEMS

17 Dec 2015 by

At the invitation of Vicky Diadiuk and the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL), I had the opportunity to enroll in MIT course 6.152J Micro Nano Process Technologies. To spend a week in a bunny suit, learning about the process tools and cleanroom operations was an incredible learning experience. Over the course of the week, we fabricated […]

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Top5 sustainability Maker Space

Maker Spaces / Innovation Labs: “Top Five” Energy Efficiency Strategies by Building Type

15 Dec 2015 by

“Maker Spaces” and “Innovation Labs” are a broad group of flexible research and learning environments, from “office” type spaces containing only light computing, to machine shops, to highly flexible open research labs.  Energy use is generally driven by equipment or process needs, environmental controls, and or provisions for future flexibility. The most effective EEMs for […]

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University of Massachusetts Amherst UMass West Blog

Rebuilding the West Experiment Station

11 Dec 2015 by

On our UMass Amherst Physical Sciences Building construction site, we are currently dismantling the West Experiment Station, the original home of chemistry research on campus. It’s the first phase of a $102 million project to construct a new, state-of-the-art home for advanced Chemistry and Physics research. The experiment station is being take down literally brick […]

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Gingerbread Blog

Boston Small: CDRC Gingerbread Design Competition 2015

10 Dec 2015 by

Wilson Architects is one of fifteen firms competing for The Golden Spatula in this year’s CDRC Gingerbread House Design Competition, Exhibition + Auction. This fun and friendly competition for charity invites local architecture firms to design gingerbread houses to raise money for the CDRC. The theme for this year’s competition is our city’s “Imagine Boston […]

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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill UNC Venable & Murray Halls

Will Faculty Sacrifice to Create Swing Space?

09 Dec 2015 by

The first question higher education architects and planners ask when faced with a space problem is “does the campus have a swing space?” The answer is usually, “Are you kidding?” and then, the only alternative is new construction. Few campuses have an inventory of swing space to house a program while a building is being […]

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Top5 sustainability Office Conference

Office / Conference / Classroom: “Top Five” Energy Efficiency Strategies by Building Type

02 Dec 2015 by

“Offices”, “conference” spaces, and “classrooms” share a similar energy profile. Spaces in this group include rooms for one individual, up to small groups of as many as 50 people. Spaces are designed around human comfort and productivity, supporting individual work, group interaction, and collaborative learning. Energy use is generally driven by the needs of human […]

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