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Biology / Pharmaceutical Labs: “Top Five” Energy Efficiency Strategies by Building Type

28 Jan 2016 by

“Biology” and “Pharmaceutical” Labs have moderate chemical use and few fume hoods.  Their energy use is dominated by the need to heat, cool, and move huge amounts of air, to maintain the required “Lab Air Change Rate”.  The Air Change Rate is a worker safety requirement specified by building codes and standards, and enforced by […]

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Top5 sustainability Engineering Physics

Physics / Engineering Labs: “Top Five” Energy Efficiency Strategies by Building Type

13 Jan 2016 by

“Physics” and “Engineering” style labs, though different in their research focus, share many design characteristics. Labs for these disciplines vary wildly in their needs, from “office” type spaces containing only light computing, to highly intensive controlled environment rooms with multiple, expensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. Design requirements could include low structure-borne vibration, low acoustical […]

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Blog Benchmarking European Lab Tour University and Industry Joint R&D

University and Industry Joint R&D: A Benchmarking Trip Discovery

07 Jan 2016 by

I started my 2015 European benchmarking tour with a notion last November of visiting some of the physics labs I had been reading about in Technology Review and R&D e-zines. My colleagues and I have designed many physics and nanotechnology labs over the last few years, and I was intrigued by what seems to be […]

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