University of Massachusetts Amherst UMass Life Science Laboratories

Tradeline Article: Successful Planning of Interdisciplinary Science Facilities

27 Apr 2016 by

As a follow up to a presentation I gave with my colleagues Jeff Puleo (WA) and Jim Staros, Ph.D. (UMass Amherst) at the April 2015 – “Strategic Facility and Space Planning for Science & Research” conference, Tradeline has taken an in-depth look at the planning strategies we discussed for interdisciplinary science  facilities. The exclusive report can be found […]

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EF Education First Headquarters Building

Tradeline Space Strategies: “100% Open Workplace”

21 Apr 2016 by

Come join the discussion! On Thursday, May 5th I will present a case study of the new EF Education First North American Headquarters building in Cambridge: “100% Open Workplace: Post-occupancy findings on a 100% open work environment for 1,000+ employees.” This new building is considered the largest entirely open-plan office in Massachusetts. It is an outstanding […]

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