Vanderbilt University Engineering and Science Building Blog Wood Wall VU ESB

Reclaimed wood provides dramatic backdrop in the ESB at Vanderbilt

27 Oct 2016 by

At Vanderbilt University, the entire campus is designated as an arboretum with many prized mature trees. When the site was selected for the new Engineering & Science Building the University had a difficult time conceding the fate of 42 trees that dated back to the 1960’s. The varied species consisted of Red Oak, Hackberry, Osage Orange, […]

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cambridge college relocation cc

Design for Cambridge College’s campus relocation underway

24 Oct 2016 by

The decision to relocate Cambridge College to the historic Hood Park in Charlestown is a major milestone in the growth of the College, and an excellent opportunity to bring the College together to one campus, transform its culture, and advance its academic and social missions. The program for the 100,000 SF renovation includes 45 classrooms ranging […]

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Top5 sustainability Chemistry

Chemistry Labs: “Top Five” Energy Efficiency Strategies by Building Type

21 Oct 2016 by

“Chemistry” labs have heavy chemical use and many fumehoods.  Their energy use is dominated by the need to heat, cool, and move huge amounts of air, to supply fumehood makeup air demand, ventilated cabinets, and / or specialized processes. The laboratory fumehood is a safety device designed to protect its user from exposure to hazardous […]

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University of Massachusetts Boston General Academic Building No.1 GAB UMass University Hall

How can a building pay homage to its iconic neighbors without losing its own identity?

18 Oct 2016 by

On October 17th, six years to the day after we embarked on the design, The University of Massachusetts Boston celebrated the completion of University Hall. This milestone – the official ribbon cutting ceremony – seemed like a fitting time to reflect on a key design idea that guided the project. How can a building pay […]

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University of Pittsburgh UPitt Chevron Annex

Tradeline: College and University Science Facilities Conference, Boston

12 Oct 2016 by

Tradeline is hosting their College & University Science Facilities conference in Boston on October 26th – 28th. Chris Martin and Cristianne Peschard from Wilson Architects will be presenting with Steve Wisniewski, our client from the University of Pittsburgh, on “Facility models for training the next generation of collaborative scientists”. This presentation will highlight how collaborative […]

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Studio Outing People Blog

WA Outing: A Day at the Fort

06 Oct 2016 by

Friday, September 16 brought warm temps, low humidity, sunny skies, and calm seas – the perfect weather for our studio to get out and enjoy an outing at Georges Island. Our agenda for the day – WA Spirit, Architecture, Food and Fun! When we first arrived on the island we gathered up the group and handed […]

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I2SL Conference Blog

2016 I2SL Conference Impressions

05 Oct 2016 by

Last week, Joe Gibbons and I participated in and thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories ( Conference.  Kansas City is a great conference venue, especially if you like BBQ (Joe and I certainly do!).  We learned a lot about large, complex, and progressive labs from all over the US and across the […]

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Northeastern University NU Mezz Operations Lab

It’s a Wrap: Unit Operations Lab 007, Northeastern University

04 Oct 2016 by

After a quick summer renovation, the Northeastern University Unit Operations Lab at the Mugar Life Science building was recently turned over to the University. The official ribbon cutting ceremony was held on September 27th. The 3,000 SF renovation expanded the floor structure of an existing mezzanine and transformed it into a flexible classroom outfitted with […]

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