Sustainable Design

Wilson HGA’s projects are highly sustainable and energy efficient. We are deeply committed to reducing energy and carbon emissions, as evidenced by our AIA 2030 Commitment (see our section on “Energy”). We believe in a holistic approach to sustainable design; addressing building location; massing; landscape design; water efficiency; embodied carbon; resilience; occupant health; and education.

Wilson HGA has a strong portfolio of LEED projects. In 2017, 70% of our projects (by GSF) were LEED registered and tracking “silver or better”. Another 20% were “designed to” exceed LEED Silver, according to the City of Cambridge, MA zoning bylaws. Wilson HGA has 8 LEED Gold certified projects, 2 Silver certified projects, and 10 LEED registered projects in design and construction, including one high profile project that is tracking LEED platinum.

In 2016, Wilson HGA had more than 1.6 million gross square feet under design, including many types of buildings, large and small. These projects are predicted to use 46.1% less energy than comparable existing buildings. Wilson HGA’s projects were more efficient than average for the AIA 2030 Challenge (42% was the AIA 2030 2016 mean pEUI reduction). We attribute this success to a custom design approach, tailoring design strategies to each project’s specific needs, with a particular focus on reducing the operating energy profile of each building.