Boston Small: CDRC Gingerbread Design Competition 2015

Wilson Architects is one of fifteen firms competing for The Golden Spatula in this year’s CDRC Gingerbread House Design Competition, Exhibition + Auction. This fun and friendly competition for charity invites local architecture firms to design gingerbread houses to raise money for the CDRC. The theme for this year’s competition is our city’s “Imagine Boston 2030” initiative. This visionary city-wide plan focuses on accessible housing, vibrant public spaces and environmental sustainability. We chose to align our gingerbread house closely with these themes.

Our submission is titled “Boston Small.” In our imaginary Boston, it’s 2030 and the city’s growing population thrives in environmentally friendly, small-scale living quarters. Brownstones along the Charles River have converted their interiors into high-efficiency micro units to accommodate Boston’s growing housing needs. Solar panels along the roof offset the building’s carbon footprint. Floating on the Charles is another compact and “green” living option: a maritime tiny house, which adds density to the city without sacrificing public space.

Frosting was our material of choice and fondant was key. A soft, malleable topping, fondant is often applied to highly decorative cakes. With its versatility, we created the Charles, bike lane, polycrystalline solar panels, recycled furniture, low VOC sustainable carpet, and pets for our gingerbread tenants. Typically used as the mortar that binds a gingerbread house, royal icing was integral to construct ornate and delicate details of the Brownstone. We dyed the icing grey, piped it onto wax paper, let it dry and then carefully peeled it off. Through this process, we were able to build window mullions, wrought iron fences, gates and even Hubway bicycles! The WA Gingerbread Team had fun designing our submission and are thrilled to be joining other local firms to raise money for communities in need.

“I love the endless creativity of bringing the group’s artistic vision to life with the many layers of candy. This was my second time participating in the CDRC gingerbread charity auction and I’m proud to associate with an organization that values design accessibility within Boston’s diverse communities.”  Gwen Majewski, WA Designer & Gingerbread Team Member

The Gingerbread exhibit is open to the public and will be on display at the BSA at 290 Congress Street, Boston from December 9th to January 3rd.  The house that generates the most donations will be declared the winner and the winner will be announced on Dec. 21st at the closing reception.

Vote for WA! Cast your vote by donating here and check out all the other imaginative submissions.

The Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC) is a non-profit dedicated to providing pro bono technical assistance to projects benefiting underserved communities throughout metropolitan Boston. Their mission is to build better communities through architecture, planning, landscape design, interior design, and the facilitation of public meetings, workshops, and community discussions. The Gingerbread Competition is one of many events held by the CDRC throughout the year.

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