GAB No. 1 Construction Update

“It’s a beautiful building of soaring proportions and architecture, combining form and fashion and beauty and function.”
– Katherine Craven, former Executive Director of the UMass Building Authority

The General Academic Building No. 1 is certainly taking shape, and the words used at the Groundbreaking Celebration by Katherine Craven are perfectly fitting. Led by Gilbane, the site is bustling with activity…

  • 160 people currently working on site, with 12 subs
  • 23,000 SF of exterior glass will provide panoramic views of Columbia Point and Boston Harbor
  • 6,800 linear feet of Framing & 12,300 feet of Canopy
  • Miscellaneous metals total at approximately 59 tons
  • Steel is about 2,400 tons, with one of the larger steel beams a PG72x826 – that’s 826 lbs/ft!
  • There are 12 cherry pickers currently active on site – those workers must have the best view on site

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