A new Interdisciplinary Research & Commercialization Building for FSU

The Interdisciplinary Research & Commercialization Building (IRCB) at Florida State University will be a new “gateway building” within Innovation Park, and establish a new paradigm for developing the Southwest Campus.

Wilson Architects is busy working with the University on this innovative project. By collaborating with FSU during the initial study phase, we developed a shared vision for the IRCB’s comprehensive interdisciplinary program. This program will enable strategic research thrusts and guide FSU on their “Path to the Top 25.”

The IRCB will provide 128,000 GSF of new space to house interdisciplinary teams by creating a collaborative environment to conduct research, and to develop commercialization opportunities to bring products to market. The state-of-the-art spaces will include research labs, imaging/characterization labs, cleanroom facilities, and collaboration areas to support researchers in the disciplines of bio-medical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering and device prototyping. The IRCB will merge traditional academic and professional fields in an environment that promotes dialogue and exchange with peers.

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