SCUP NA | Recitals, Chemistry & Airplanes: Solving Multiple Acoustical Challenges

At the SCUP North Atlantic Regional Conference in NYC we’ll be presenting a case study of University Hall on the UMass Boston campus. Benjamin E Markham, Director of Architectural Acoustics at Acentech; Samir Srouji, Principal of Wilson Architects; and Andrew S. Weiss, Assistant Campus Planner at UMass Boston will discuss the acoustical implications and challenges of the new transdisciplinary facility.

The University of Massachusetts Boston’s University Hall combines the performing arts department (music, theater, and dance), the visual arts department, the chemistry department, and several large general purpose lecture halls in a single building sited along a major flight path to the airport. The design of this interdisciplinary building identified and addressed a range of acoustical challenges. We will uncover broader themes in site selection, space planning, flexibility of use, cost implications, and other topics to prepare you for acoustical challenges in your buildings.

Join the conversation: Wednesday, 22 March 22 2016

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