Tradeline Article: Making a 100 Percent Open Office Environment Work for 1,000 Employees

At the Tradeline Space Strategies conference in May, I had the opportunity to present a case study on our recently completed 100% open office project – the North American Headquarters for EF Education First. The headquarters, located in the former industrial North Point area of Cambridge, serves as a modern case study of an open office workspace. Designed to house more than 1,000 employees in a completely open environment, the 300,000-sf, 10-floor office building features pod-style team zones separated by a variety of lounges, meeting rooms, private Skype rooms, and large community spaces, including a café, activity rooms, and an onsite restaurant bar for socializing after work. The performance of the facility has the potential to inform future decisions on workspace configurations, team collaboration, and worker productivity nationwide.

The open office topic can provoke strong opinions from both designers and users. However, with more and more of us working this way –particularly in the dynamic organizations that contribute to an innovation and growth economy- its important that we get these environments right. We are looking for an inspiring workplace – an environment that enhances communication, promotes teamwork, and stays flexible.  A place that draws people to it and supports them in their work.

In this exclusive report, Tradeline explores the design concepts and planning metrics that make the North American Headquarters effective, and examines some of the interesting data from our post-occupancy discussion.

The exclusive report can be found here:

Making a 100 Percent Open Office Environment Work for 1,000 Employees

New Company Headquarters Reflects Major Changes in the Modern Workplace


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