Wilson Architects has two new Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHC®)!

Jacob Werner and Marcell Graef become certified passive house consultants

Wilson Architects is excited to announce that Marcell Graeff and Jacob Werner are accredited as PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHC®).

The PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard was developed in cooperation with Building Science Corporation under a US Department of Energy (DOE) grant. It is based on climate-specific comfort and performance criteria and requires each certified building to provide superior indoor comfort while using 80% less energy than conventional buildings. The CPHC certification includes extensive training in the principles of passive building design including heat transfer, air-tightness, thermal bridge free detailing, superinsulation, high efficiency ventilation, moisture control, and site responsive design. It is one of the most stringent sustainable building standards in the world. The Passive House movement is gaining momentum in the US, and particularly in the Northeast, with high profile residential and higher education projects in New York and Boston. Wilson Architects looks forward to exploring the Passive Building Standard with our clients.

For more information on Passive House and the CPHC® training program visit: www.PHIUS.org