Chevron Chemistry Annex • LEED GOLD

The new Chevron Chemistry Annex at the University of Pittsburgh received LEED GOLD certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The design incorporates a range of sustainable and environmentally responsive design features. These include use of low flow fume hoods, heat recovery systems, daylight harvesting, green energy credits, recycled materials, locally sourced building materials, reduced heat island, low water use plumbing fixtures, air-rights site within urban context, and utilization of existing vertical elevator cores.

Two ‘exemplary’ examples from the LEED Score Sheet include: 97.7% of construction waste was recycled (greatly exceeding the LEED 75% waste removal requirement, qualifying for an Innovative credit); 40%+ water use reduction (exceeding the Energy Policy Act of 1992 fixture performance requirements, qualifying for an Innovative credit).

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