In-House Art Show

What happens when you blend artistic talent with a creative-minded group of people? An art show! On Friday afternoon, Wilson Architects hosted its very own in-house art show, debuted in a classic gallery exhibition style. Associate Principal and event ‘curator’ Tim Scarlett led the effort by encouraging everyone to bring at least one piece of work that they felt best showcased their artistic side. The office was abuzz with anticipation; everyone was eager to see their colleagues work in a different context.

It didn’t take long before the Principals’ Gallery was transformed into a showcase of hidden talent. Most striking, aside from the incredible depth of skills, was the diverse range of items from hand sketches and oil paintings to abstracted architectural models and wood working to professional quality photography. Over two dozen employees participated in the exhibition, displaying their highly technical and beautiful capabilities as artists. Most importantly, the event was just a great way to bring together the office in great conversation and idea sharing in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere – an attribute of our firm culture that we strive to promote each day.