BioSciences/Medical Research Building III Vanderbilt University

The interdivisional research building for Vanderbilt University combines Biology, Molecular Biology, and Medical Research. The building provides a programmatic link between Arts & Sciences at the Stevenson Science Center and the Medical Center. It fosters collaborative research for the first time in the areas of Genetics, Developmental Biology, Neuroscience, and Biophysical Science.

The occupants of the building are stacked to ensure that Medical School research is collocated with the related Arts & Sciences research. Conventional stacking would have given entire floors to each tenant. By giving half floors to each, the building becomes an interactive experience. The common 8-person lab module provides 7’ benches for each person and two common equipment alcoves. The design matches the project mission – to link Neuroscience, Structural Biology and Genetics/Developmental Biology.  The generic lab design is complemented by alcove areas that can be customized to individual research needs.

The project also included the renovation of the existing 85,000 GSF Learned Lab Building. The adjacent and linked facility was renovated for world-class research space, making the new and renovated portions function as one research community, linked by a sunlight, nine story atrium. In addition, a 6,000 GSF greenhouse for research and teaching was constructed in air-rights on an adjacent facility.

The building is physically sited to connect  the Nursing School, the Peabody Campus, Art’s & Sciences at Vanderbilt University, and the Vanderbilt Medical Center; with a total of 5 building connections, at 18 different locations.

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