Hatridge Laboratory University of Pittsburgh

The Hatridge Lab, aka HATLAB, is a 4,500 SF renovation within Old Engineering Hall, housing a sample fabrication cleanroom, ballroom style dilution refrigerator lab and central control room. The fabrication cleanroom holds a plassys aluminum evaporator used for Josephson junction sample creation. Measurements are taken through multiple microwave characterization tools through several cryogen-free dilution refrigerators located in an open ballroom. An adjacent support closet is designed for an acoustic and vibration source separation from the lab.

Professor Michael Hatridge’s research focuses on the use of superconducting microwave circuits as a quantum information platform with particular investigations on the use of microwave photons as quantum information carriers. The Hatridge Lab develops techniques to create, manipulate, and measure microwave light and use it to entangle larger quantum systems.

To learn more about the Hatridge laboratory, visit: http://hatlab.pitt.edu/

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