Hodson Science & Technology Center Hood College

Founded in 1893, Hood College is a private liberal arts college in Frederick, Maryland. The Hodson Science and Technology Center provides up-to-date labs, classrooms, seminar rooms and study spaces and gives Hood’s faculty and students a home where they can feel comfortable with science and technology.

The program required the integration of teaching, classroom and research space for chemistry, biology, math, physics and computer science within a Georgian revival campus. The new shared space gives students and faculty the opportunity to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects. A modular arrangement of laboratory space was used to create learning clusters that provide hands on teaching environments integrated with faculty research space. This allowed for the building scale to be controlled and carefully fit into the context of the campus.

Classrooms are equipped with the latest in multimedia teaching tools and were designed to support group work as well as more traditional lectures while engaging students in a rich variety of learning activities.

The influence of the Hodson Science and Technology Center extends beyond the building, creating a science quadrangle composed of the new construction and the original architecture.

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