ISET Complex University of Hartford

The Integrated Science, Engineering and Technology Complex (ISET) is comprised of a new building and a renovation that houses the Engineering and Technology departments, Integrated Information Technology, Computer Science, Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Health Professions, and Psychology.

Renovated Dana Hall becomes a “dry” classroom and office building, while the wet labs of Chemistry and Biology expand and move to the addition, placing the higher technical demands on the new construction. New collaborative teaching labs for introductory chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry as well as a stockroom for both teaching and research use are all located in the new space. In addition, each faculty member is provided bench and hood space in a shared research laboratory, immediately adjacent to the faculty office suite.

The program spaces are organized to make adjacencies optimal for cross pollination among disciplines. Wide corridors and lounges are provided to encourage casual encounters.

The new addition extends the architectural language of the campus, while introducing new elements. The campus is characterized by low, horizontal brick buildings, which are sited informally on a common green that runs diagonally along the length of the main campus. The facades of the existing buildings tend to be direct expressions of their structural systems, offering a collection of gridded elevations.

ISET contains a variety of the techniques and building materials to achieve a high level of sustainability: the design maximizes daylight and views within the labs; perimeter spaces have a high degree of individual control of the environment; and the re-use of the majority of the existing Dana Hall building.

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