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Tufts Launchpad | Biolabs is an 11,000 NSF renovated facility at 75 Keenland Street developed by Tufts University. The space advances the University’s T10 Strategic Plan, which seeks to nurture innovation and enhance the University’s commitment to collaboration and entrepreneurship. Powered by Biolabs, this fully-managed facility is a world-class biotech incubator space providing on-demand bench and office space services. It offers top of the line equipment and amenities, as well as access to Tufts University’s core facilities and services, to high-potential, early-stage innovators in the life sciences.

Utilizing the open lab concept, it provides 50 assignable wet bench positions, shared lab equipment zones, and strategically designed common areas to promote collaboration and peer learning. Entrepreneurs use onsite conference facilities to innovate on complex challenges and engage with Biolab’s network of industry leaders seeking partnerships. Several private lab suites offer resident companies the opportunity to grow and remain within this peer supported environment.

The space is designed for total flexibility and maximum visibility. Positioning the entrance at the center of the space allowed us to create a shared social area for the café, flanked by two, large, open laboratory bays. As soon as one steps off the elevator they are visually connected to their mission. Co-working offices and conference spaces are located beyond the labs along the perimeter for maximum daylight, filtering deep into the building through glass partitions on the long sides of each lab. This creates visual connections across the whole floor plate which are actualized by a ghost corridor through the open labs, co-working office space, private labs and conference areas creating a continuous loop.

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