808 Huntington Longwood Research Center

The Longwood Research Center provides 170,000 gross square feet of flexible life science laboratory/clinical space for pharmaceutical and institutional use.  The building design draws on the vibrancy of its mixed-use urban setting: lobby spaces and active uses front Huntington Avenue – enhancing the vibrancy of the streetscape; and sculpted forms of the building fold away from the street with volumes that step up the hillside site.

Core & shell features include robust structural and building systems, below-grade garage parking, off-street enclosed loading facilities, and enclosed mechanical penthouse.  The project embraces sustainable design principles –  incorporating resiliency systems planning, green roofing, enclosed bicycle parking and showers, and front door access to MBTA Green Line train service.

The Research Center leverages a close walking distance to research and medical centers in the Longwood Medical Area, a premier global life science cluster of 59,000 doctors, scientists, researchers, staff, and students.

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