MIT.nano Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This Nano-research facility combines the Institute’s nanotechnology, materials, and engineering systems research with the most advanced fabrication tools and materials processing capabilities. Located steps from the Infinite Corridor and the Great Dome, the facility serves 2,000 researchers, faculty, and students. This facility consolidates complex research activities while simultaneously creating new connections and outdoor spaces, transforming the significant site into a campus-wide asset and new Institute destination. This project is envisioned to become an exciting new hub for the School of Engineering and includes material science, characterization suites, prototyping facilities, and chemistry teaching facilities.

The building seamlessly integrates into the campus’ network of circulation, outdoor spaces, and academic fabric. The design maximizes user interaction and collaboration, not only in the state-of-the-art lab, but also in the public spaces and supporting environments surrounding the core. Visibility, flow, and human encounters are recognized as essential in fostering cross-disciplinary culture.

To view a 3-dimensional map of the MIT.nano build site, created by Professor Takehiko Nagakura, click here.

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