Office Renovation Smithers Viscient

This project transformed the second floor of a 19th Century barn, historically used for the storage of harvested cranberries, into offices and meeting spaces for Smithers Viscient, an international provider of environmental and pharmaceutical testing services. By critically assessing the barn’s current condition, selective demolition, and carefully making new interventions, the project preserved the barn's original structure and character, while reviving it after 150 years of use.

In this clear and daylit space, wall and ceiling surfaces were painted satin-white in order to emphasize the simple timber post and beam structure, as well as the refinished hardwood floor and generous glazing at the gable end. New lighting and mechanical ductwork complement the existing timber structure, and recede from view. To reinforce the barn’s strong spatial identity, skylights were included at the ridge to offer ample daylight, thereby minimizing artificial lighting during work hours. Additional energy efficiency improvements include replacement mechanical equipment for adjacent lab use and prefabricated roof insulation panels.

This adaptive reuse project converted a cranberry barn into a fully functional work space, with conference rooms, restrooms, and a dining area for 48 scientists and laboratory technicians.

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