The Wond'ry Vanderbilt University

The Wond’ry is a 13,000 GSF campus resource dedicated to fostering an innovation and entrepreneurial culture. With programs that include a speaker series, hackathons, networking events, and the Innovation Garage for testing disruptive technologies, the Wond’ry works with diverse resources to accelerate the transfer of laboratory discoveries and academic-based concepts to the marketplace. As host of the PreFlight/PostFlight programs, the Wond’ry provides student for-profit and non-profit venture ideas with entrepreneurial support. Features of the three-story space include co-labs, teaming rooms, media presentation lounge, and makerspaces for 3D printing, foam fabrication, rapid prototyping, and robotics.

The Wond’ry draws on its adjacency to the new 235,000 GSF Engineering and Science Building, which expands interdisciplinary research in biomedical engineering, energy, and materials science.

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