Venable & Murray Halls University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A replacement for a 1930’s era science building, the new Venable & Murray Halls is a Chemistry and Marine Science building that completes a courtyard with, and ties into, the bridge and corridor systems of Kenan and Caudill Labs. The building is planned and designed to anticipate the next phase of the project, the completion of the Science Complex.

The ground floor of the building, the lowest level of the courtyard, is conceived as an undergraduate hub, with four large classrooms, a lecture hall, and the Chemistry Library. The lecture hall, which is expressed as a discrete volume, serves as a visual anchor for the north end of the courtyard. Chemistry and Marine science laboratories, offices, and support space occupy the upper floors.

The exterior skin continues the language established by Caudill Labs and Chapman Hall, while the courtyard diverges, not only in the appearance of the facades, but also in the landscaping strategy to create a unique space on campus.

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